Building from source

  1. Install git.
  2. Install OpenJDK8 or Zulu JDK8.
    • Apalache currently requires Scala 12.0 so you must install version 8 of Java, otherwise Scala will not compile! See the compatibility table.
  3. Install sbt.
    • On Debian Linux or Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install maven.
    • On Arch: sudo pacman -Syu maven
  4. Clone the git repository: git clone
  5. Change into the project directory: cd apalache.
  6. Run make.
    • To skip running the tests, you can run make package
  7. Optionally install direnv and run direnv allow
  8. Confirm you can run the executable. It should print the inline CLI help message.
    • If you used direnv, then apalache-mc will be in your path.
    • Otherwise, run ./bin/apalache-mc.