Building from source

  1. Install git.
  2. Install OpenJDK8 or Zulu JDK8.
    • Apalache currently requires Scala 12.0 so you must install version 8 of Java, otherwise Scala will not compile! See the compatibility table.
  3. Install Apache Maven.
    • On Debian Linux or Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install maven.
    • On Arch: sudo pacman -Syu maven
  4. Clone the git repository: git clone
  5. Change into the project directory: cd apalache.
  6. Run make.
    • For a slightly faster build, you can run make apalache-jar
  7. Optionally install direnv and run direnv allow
  8. Confirm you can run the executable. It should print the inline CLI help message.
    • If you used direnv, then apalache-mc will be in your path.
    • Otherwise, run ./bin/apalache-mc.